Kobayashi Maru Install Guide

Installing Kobayashi Maru (KM) is a simple, painless process which for some reason many people are confused about. The latest build of KM can be installed with the following steps:

1. Install the BC 1.1 patch
2. Install KM 2009.12
3. Install KM 2010.02

DO NOT attempt to install 2009.12 or 2010.02 over a 1.0 installation. That is the most common error in KM installation which will cause crashes. 2009.12 and its patch 2010.02 collectively make up KM 1.1 beta, a separate entity from KM 1.0 which is incompatible with the older version.

Installing DS9FX Xtended on a KM install is possible to do with no problems and has been tested thoroughly on KM installs. Simply run Xtended's setup wizard after installing KM to get started. Pay attention to the special instructions for installing DS9FX on KM installations that are described during the installation process. You can find these instructions by simply hovering your cursor over the check boxes you see during installation.

If you have any issues, visit the Kobayashi Maru forums at http://www.bckobayashimaru.de/phpBB3/

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