Single Player Modding

One of the few aspects of modding that has eluded the Bridge Commander community for years is single player modding. BC's original campaign is not compatible with the majority of mods available, most notably NanoFX 2, SubMenu v3.7, and Unified Main Menu (UMM). NanoFX destabilizes the campaign, SubMenu kills the ability to save the game, and UMM will cause crashes.

If you are interested in playing the single player campaign, then by all means do not be discouraged. BC Supermod 3.0 is one mod designed specifically for use in the campaign. However, if you're interested in playing the campaign with your own ships and hardpoints, be sure to follow the following guide lines:

1. Create a separate install for Single Player.
2. When using BCUT to install Foundation on the Single Player install, make sure to select Basic Installation.
3. When modifying your hardpoints, one thing that must always remain constant is the torpedo types in the Sovereign's and RanKuf's inventory. You can change the amount of torpedoes available, but the torpedo types that the stock versions of these ships have must always be present to avoid crashes to the desktop. If you do not want these ships to have a certain torpedo type, you can set it to "0" with no issues.
4. As noted in the introduction, avoid installing NanoFX 2, SubMenu v3.7, and UMM.

As long as you stick to those guidelines, your single player install should run fine. If you have any issues, the Bridge Commander Technical Support forums are available. Be sure to have a console report ready.

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