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This wiki is designed to contain as much relevant information in relation to the game, Star Trek: Bridge Commander. It was formed as a suggestion by a member at the Bridge Commander community site, Bridge Commander Central. Due to the shifting nature of forums, the creation of a dedicated Wiki page for the game will hopefully contain as much relevant information from the game as well as how to modify the game, list of popular modifications and so on.

Accepting new members

People are encouraged to sign up on this wiki as a Member. At current (October 15th 2009) all members can create and edit pages, but this may be changed at a later date to only allow editing. If this wiki is abused, those permissions may be further restricted, but I hope it does not have to come to that. This site will also be accepting a select few members to serve in a Moderator role, to make sure the information contained within this wiki is up to date. All edits to the pages are carefully logged, so it is our wish that you do not abuse the permissions afforded a member at this time.

Third-party sites

The following is a select few of Bridge Commanders more popular community sites. This list may be updated to include additional sites at the request of the site members. Enjoy your stay, and please try to contribute as much relevant information as possible.

File Repositories
Bridge Commander Files

Community Portals
Bridge Commander: Kobayashi Maru
Bridge Commander Scripters

Community Forums
Bridge Commander Central
Bridge Commander: Kobayashi Maru
Bridge Commander Scripters
Filefront Forums

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